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I approached Studio Belladonna in order to get an estimate on getting hair extension. I had another quote from a different provider for $100.00 (service fee) and the cost of the hair was additional. When I met with Aryhnn (could be a little off on the spelling) she said her normal charge was $100.00 per hour, but that she could match the quote from the other service provider. She told me the extensions would last 4-6 months depending on how well I cared for them. I schedule an appointment with her, that I missed the following week. I went back one week later and had the extensions put in by Aryhnn. When it came time to pay she told me it would be $300.00 ($80.00 would be the cost of the hair, the rest was service fee). I told her that is not what we agreed on, they called the manager (Leanne) and she told the cashier to charge me whatever Arhynn said. Aryhnn reduced the price to $260.00 (still $80.00 more than I was quoted). I paid the cashier and left. When I was there I told Aryhnn that there was a missing section in the back and she tried to convince me that there was not a missing section.

I then called the owner/manager Leanne who told me there was nothing she could do because her hair stylists were independent contractors and she had no control over what people charge. I then told her the hair cut Aryhnn gave me was terrible and I was not sure how this stylist had mess up my hair so badly. She said she could have someone else cut my hair, but as I explained to her the problem was you don't get hair extension to have short hair. She said she would talk with Aryhnn and call me back later that day. I have never heard from her again.

Within 48 hours the hair began falling out. I sent Leanne a txt message with pictures of the hair that had fallen out. Within 2 weeks 80% of the hair had fallen out. Still i heard nothing. I would like my money back as they charged me more money than they quoted me, gave me a terrible haircut, and the extensions fell out immediately.

I feel they ripped me off and the owner did not acknowledge the mistake and tried to make me feel guilty by telling me if I got my money back it would have to come out of her pocket and that she was a new struggling business owner. I would like it if she would not get away with ignoring a legitimate complaint about her services. I do not know where else to turn.

I would like to be refunded at bare minimum the service charge of $180.00. The hair cost $80.00 (to my knowledge, I never saw a recipt) if they will not refund the charge for the hair I would like to be provided a recipt because initally Aryhnn told me the hair would probably cost $40.00. I think honestly they should eat the cost of the hair as it did not stay in, but I think it is only fair that I at Least get the cost of the service refunded as the service was terrible, the haircut was horrific and they lied about the quote. I do have pictures of both the haircut and the hair as it fell out if you need to see pictures as proof.

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